An artist in the making…… :)

John Donne :)


John Donne is a famous poet who I researched a little, and would like to share with you! He was born in London, between January 24th and June 19th, 1572. He married Anne Mores, but the wedding ruined her career which sent him and several others to a short stay in prison. Over the course of their sixteen years of marriage, Anne bore twelve children!

Most of John’s poems were for wealthy friends or patrons. He wrote about love, sexuality, religion, and (a lot about) death. Over his life he was a poet, priest, and lawyer. In 1615, he was admitted to the Church of England with the thought of a career change. He died on March 31st, 1631, and had a monument carved in his honor. The monument survived the 1666 fire, and is on display in the current building today.


Here’s a portrait of him in his earlier years. :)

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Black-Out Poetry :)


Today in school we revisited black-out poetry, and I copied a page from my book A Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy to black out. It turned out pretty awesome! Here’s the poem I came up with:


“Gunk flooded the machine, operating sophisticated,

sensitive, and infuriating announcements.

Music broadcasts intelligent secrets,

and stories of flipped ex-confidence tricksters;

dressed in swirled voices.”

By Sophia Hanna-Jackson



Hope you enjoyed,


Sophia <3 :)


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Punctuation Art (A.K.A. ASCII)—CONTINUED


I found another one!!!! I honestly think the ASCII of Poptart kitty is much better than the original. The best quality being that it doesn’t make noise. :)



`·.,¸,.·*¯`·.,¸,.·*¯. |::::::/\:__:/\
`·.,¸,.·*¯`·.,¸,.·* <|:::::(。 ◕‿‿ ◕).
`·.,¸,.·*¯`·.,¸,.·* ╰O–O—-O-O

Punctuation Art (A.K.A. ASCII)


I found an ASCII Generator online, and if you have the right picture, it comes out great!! Here’s an example of one I did of Francois-Andre Danican Philidor, 18th-century Chess master;


(you might wanna back up a bit to see the picture…plus, my blog format messed it up a little, but it’s okay) :)


                        .   . ,+$OOO8$ZZOOOZO8O=,    .                          
                  .  ~7ZZ8OOOOOO8OOZ888OO88OOZ8OZOOZZOZOZ:                      
             .. ,8888O8O8O8ZOO8Z8ZO$88$?I??I8Z7$Z$Z$$77$I7777$, ..              
             .$ODO8ZZZ8ZZOZ8Z8ZZ$ZZ=~~=~==++I??$$$77Z$$$$77$7$$7I .             
           ..ZDOOD8O8OZOOO88O8O8$+:~~~,:~===+=I$$7$$7$I$77I7$7$IZ$.. .          
         ~88O8DODO8OD88OZDOZ~:~,:,,~~::::..,.:~++?I$7DZ$$7II777I77777: .  .     
      . $88888O8ODOOOZZOZZ=:::.,,,:,,,,~,::,:~~++?I?7ZOZIZ$III7I$$I7$7?.        
   .=D8O8OZOOOOZZOO88$8~..,…..:,,.~,~:::+?I++++I+?7Z$IZOON78I77III777777~  .  
  8DO8ZO8O8DO8ZOOOO8N~:::M?.:,~+,:::, ,,:,:.=+OO8?~~+$788ONO8OD77?III777$777Z.  
~8OOZOO8O8OO8OO8OI.~:::,,~,, …:==?+I++?+IZ?++ZZ8$I$$Z$$NO8ZZI?I7I7III77$$77$=.
 . Z8DDDO88D8O8OO8OD8ZOOZZ8ZOO8::…:=~=I?++~=~~+$,~NDOZDDNDDND8DN8OD77I?7IO.   
   .$ZO88O8D88OOODD8OO88~?,.=DZZ:,=+=+77?===~IO:=D7+??+?I8MODNNN88DND$7777Z. .  
   . ~OOOOOZ888O8D8O8OO:+~:.=?I+++??+=+=I$=:D+===I?I++=+=?7O8Z8M8DDDDI7777      
      . Z8OZO88NDD8D8+~=::77Z:I~?I?:8D=:=+?I+????+I++I7I$77$Z88O8DDZIIO …     
       . Z88D88OD8OZ+7+~,77$$=+?~IDZ+~=+??=+?II+????+?+=ZZO$$O88DDDDIO          
       . ..OOZOO8OZO8?:==$?7Z+=D8$I==?=++?I?????$I~=~+=+I8I$$$ZODODD:           
             . …,$O~7$$$$77?+II?II==?+===7?:~=====?=++IZ8O7 . .               
                    ..  ,7777I?II7=+?==:?ZO=7Z?=??+??8?..                       
                            . ..   .   . …  .  .    

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Some Awesome STUFF.


These are some band photos I like, and why I like them!


This is Paramore, blowing bubbles in a meadow. The different face expressions make me laugh! :D Especially Hayley, she’s off in her own little world.


This is Evanescence, posing in a snowy forest scene. I LOVE this picture ’cause it kinda reminds of Narnia. It also seems as if everyone is leaning toward the middle of them all. :)




This is Maroon Five…it looks like they’re in the middle of setting up for a performance…yet they’re all dressed up…hmm… :)













Whoooaaaa….I can’t even describe Walk Off the Earth in this photo…cool-ness.



I like this photo of Green Day ’cause it’s plain out weird. They’re looking at you as if you grew six heads, while at the same time looking cool. :)










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Sneak Peek!


This is the first paragraph from a novel I’m writing! I don’t feel comfortable revealing more just yet, but I figured it would be cool to do a little “sneak peek”. :)


There is a tree in the meadow. Every spring peaches fall among its roots, surrounding it in a light orange and yellow glow. You sit next to it and the leaves dance in the wind to the sound of your song. Never will it fade, yet never will it grow. You will sit next to it every day, without fault. Never will you forget to comfort it through the winter, and sing it to sleep during the summer.





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This is a mini-research project I completed about the game Chess! I hope you find it interesting, and hopefully you’ll learn something new….since that’s kind of the point… :)

At the end there is a video directed by a Chess Hobbyist, who explains the different pieces and their moves, what “check” and “checkmate” is, and a couple other facts needed to play the game.


A Little History

Chess is one of the easier strategy games to learn, but one of the most difficult to master. This game dates back nearly 1450 years. In the year 600, the earliest known evidence of a game that could have evolved into Chess has been spotted in Sassanid Persia, where it was called Chatrang. Chatrang was taken up by the Muslim world after the Islamic conquest of Persia, where the name was changed to Shatranj.  Although the name was changed, curiously, all the Persian names for the game pieces were kept intact. The name Shatranj has been translated to many different languages, turning it into many interesting words! Here are a few examples:

Shatranj is translated to Ajedrez in Spanish.

Also translated to Xadrez in Portuguese.

Chatrang can be translated to Greek. In English letters it is Zatrikion; in Greek letters is it ζατρίκιον.


Modern Chess

Our modern Chess set is the result of many cultures, many versions, and many people all evolving to create a worldwide, super popular game. A Chess historian, Gerhard Josten, is quoted “Chess -  a living fossil.” And he’s completely correct. Chess is a piece of our history that has managed to survive throughout the many generations it’s had to pass through.

Benjamin Franklin, in his article “The Morals of Chess” (1750), wrote an interesting bit of information that is basically the perfect definition of Chess:

“The Game of Chess is not merely an idle amusement; several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired and strengthened by it, so as to become habits ready on all occasions; for life is a kind of Chess, in which we have often points to gain, and competitors or adversaries to contend with, and in which there is a vast variety of good and ill events, that are, in some degree, the effect of prudence, or the want of it.”


How to Play!


On the 8×8 checker board, pick opposing sides for the two (and ONLY two) opponents.

The pieces are set on either side of the board, in white and black sets. The following diagram is the easiest way to show the setup:








The Pieces and Their Moves:

Each piece has its own name and way in which it moves.

Starting from the middle of the following picture and moving outwards they are:





The King – Moves one square in any direction (including diagonal).

The Queen – Moves any number of squares in any direction (including diagonal), but may not jump over other pieces along the way.

The Bishop – Moves any number of squares diagonally, but may not jump over other pieces along the way.

The Knight – Moves in an “L”-shape: two squares vertically and one square horizontally, or two squares horizontally and one square vertically. The knight is the only piece that can jump over other pieces. A diagram is provided:








(I provided a diagram for this move since it has proved to be a little confusing written out)

The Rook – Moves any number of squares in any direction along columns and rows (no diagonals), but may not jump over other pieces along the way.

The Pawn – Moves forward to unoccupied square in front of it on that column. On its first move, it may move either one or two squares forward (as long as the second is unoccupied). A pawn may only move on the diagonal to capture pieces. The pawn is the only piece that cannot travel backwards.

However, if the pawn reaches the opposite end of the board from which it started, then it may be exchanged with any piece that has been captured by the other player.

For example:

Say my pawn reaches the opposite end of the board from which it started…then I get to see which of my pieces have been captured, and pick the one I want to return to the game. Let’s say I pick the Queen, then they exchange places, and the game goes onwards with the Queen in place of the original pawn (moving as the Queen would).



The players take turns moving their pieces, starting with the white side, capturing pieces along the way.

Capture: One piece takes the place of an opposing piece, then that player stashes the captured piece close by.

Almost There; Check:

Whenever a piece comes into the position that it is able to capture the opposing players King, it is called check.  The player’s King then has three options…(1) Move the King. (2) Block the opponents piece with one of your own so that it can’t capture the King. (3) Capture the piece in the position to capture the King.

When a player puts the opposing players King in check, they exclaim “check”.

To Win; Checkmate:

A players King must be immobile; no matter where it moves, its opponent can capture it (this also must be the only move available among any pieces left). The player that has put the opposing King in this position now exclaims “checkmate” and wins the game.


Now, the video! Enjoy!


I hope you learned something new from my little research project!


-Sophia :)



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A Pretty Piece Of Writing By ME!


Don’t get too close to the sun,

Or you will burn.

Or will you freeze?

Depends on what temperature you are!

You must be hot to burn.


The moon talks;

Or at least the man inside it does.

He talks to you when your pie dies.

Poor pie, it went away, most likely forever.


Do you run when the little kids stick their tongues out?

Or do you stick yours out at them?

Do they cry when you do?

Or do they laugh?

Depends on your face!


I froze.

“Reality” By Sophia Hanna

November 11th, 2012


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Lovely :D


(Title Unknown)

By Sophia Hanna-Jackson


As the sea drips off the edge of the earth, I watch the sunset, admiring it’s free will to appear wherever it wants to. I look to my right and catch a bit of chipmunk dashing about the trees. A bird chirps, and hundreds others answer it, resulting in a long, beautifully sweet chorus of chimes. The sparkling water grazes my toes, as the little island off to my left bursts into a million little sparkling diamonds when the sun hits it.

Finally, the sky goes dark, and I lay back in the sand, watching the stars appear one by one. When the distorted pink, blue, and grey stream of light appears, I shift my position, so I feel as if the whole world has slipped away, and I’m floating with the stars. A wave slips over my legs, as a faint flash of thunder cracks in the distance. The sea starts pulling me in, and I let it. First, the water slowly engulfs my legs, then my torso, until I’m floating out to sea. I wonder what will happen to me, gliding among the waves. Will I die? No, I won’t die. I’ll slip off the edge of the earth, along with mountains of water.

The sea starts acting up, and a giant wave lifts me up into the sky. I can feel it coming, the end of existence. My body starts to bend at the waist, as the endless waterfall gently pulls my feet over the edge. I slip off, into nothing. I glide among the drizzle of water, and admire the stars form down here. Then I look down, to find I’m falling into the sky.

I gently land on a passing star, and it carries me to another, and another, and yet another, each one a different color. These colors aren’t ordinary; they’re very new and exotic. The star comes out from under me, and I float down to the moon, landing in a hole. Slipping and sliding down a long tube, I come out the other side and drift. A star, smaller than most, sticks to my left hand, while another does the same to my right. Suddenly, there is a tiny star stuck to all my joints. Then, I freeze. I just…freeze? It doesn’t make sense, but I accept it.


Down below, a new constellation has appeared in the sky above a child. He smiles at the girl, floating among the stars, and she smiles back.

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Typical Party Food


This week I have break, so while my bros go to school I’m stuck at home with my mom. LUCKILY I AM SAVED BY PIZZA AND CAKE!


My mom had a big party at her apartment for her b-day and everyone brought something (wine, food, cake, etc.). Sooo, I got to eat two pieces of cake, and a piece of this AWESOMELY AWESOMENESS AWESOME pizza!

I basically had typical party food lunch.

I slept for 3-4 hours this morning after I woke up.


Wow, I pretty much blew my day. *shrug* :)








I didn’t even brush my hair! ^^^^^ :(


I’m so tired I couldn’t even take a nice picture. ^^^^

Oh well. Day blew, pizza, cake, bad pictures, no brushy hairy. IT’S ALL GOOD!


Thanks for listening to me babble. lol

-Sophia :)










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